Lean manufacturing

Eltecc realizes a range of products that are part of the lean management of the factory, which proposes a lean, flexible business model to reduce waste.
Movement, provisions, waiting: three elements dealt with in lean management, around which a family of products defined Kanban systems was born: these are structures designed to complete assembly lines, with the aim of guaranteeing a rapid, continuous and comfortable supply of provisions to the operator in managing various components during assembly process.

The logic is to lead the operator to the box containing components (used in assembly) in an ergonomic position, and a rapid replacement of components.

Our interlocking systems are offered in 3 different types:

  • gravitational Kanban
  • pneumatic Kanban
  • electro-pneumatic Kanban

The first are dynamic warehouses that exploit gravity; the second ones are controlled by a pneumatic system, allowing an automatic exchange of the boxes through a push button panel for recall/sending the box; our system has also thought to the boxes in stock’s replacement, making it easy and quick by logistics staff.

Electro-pneumatic Kanban is a solution that provides for the integration of Kanban commands directly on the assembly line; they also allow data monitoring (number of pieces processed, number of boxes unloaded, stocks etc.).

For various warehouse needs, we produce trolleys for internal handling, with frame in modular aluminium profiles or in esd metallic pipe for lighter structures, complete with various accessories, adjustable in height with modular telescopic profiles or with pneumatic systems.