Assembly lines

Assembly lines, designed completely by our technical department, want to meet the needs of:
  • safe and ergonomic work stations
  • maximizing production efficiency
  • optimization of production spaces

The durability of the product is a priority; indeed, assembly lines are produced to support even high-volume productions. In addition to pallet conveyor lines, we produce custom assembly lines based on the specific need of each production, both automatic and manual, with various types of handling solutions, for working stations and pallet buffer.

The elements of the assembly lines are: intermediate modules with various types of conveyor, lifters, transfer units, indexing devices, stoppers.


The lines are designed to provide the operator with an ergonomic position in carrying out assembly operations, respecting golden zone.
Furthermore, much attention is paid to the low noise level of the movements.

In the production of our items, the safety issue remains central, starting from the design of the mechanical and electrical parts, integrated with further solutions to ensure safety such as carters, protections, bellows, safety laser scanners, safety light barriers, safety edges, signs and stickers reporting.

Our technical department studies the layout of the line according to the customer’s needs, in addition to the programming and control logic that it requires (traceability and data transmission, production counts, diagnostics). The line management and control software monitors the entire production process, transferring the data to the customer’s factory network.

Supply of assembly lines can be “turnkey” complete with management and control software, or just mechanics. Following the installation, we take care of the training of maintenance staff and operators that are working on the assembly line, directly at the customer plants, with documentary/manual support.

Pallet assembly lines

Depending on the load transported, pallet assembly lines are divided into:
  • SMS lines: for pallet’s handling with medium loads
  • SMH lines: for pallet’s handling with high loads
  • SML lines: for pallet’s handling with light loads
Lines are based on the pallet recirculation mechanism, which, depending on the number of workstations necessary for the production process, minimized production time waste.
Our pallet lines are modular, allowing a possible transformation for future productions. Structurally, they consist of:
  • Intermediate modules: standard lengths are 2000 mm, 3000 mm or 4000 mm; special modules are also produced on request; intermediate modules define the main body of the line. Number of workstations and characteristics of the production cycle determine the number of modules required.
  • Lifter modules: they represent the elements of the line that allow pallet recirculation, by vertical and/or diagonal movement and relative translations; they can also be uses as workstations.



SMS pallet assembly line adopts a pallet recirculation system on two overlapping levels: the forward level of the pallet is superimposed at the return level of the line; it becomes possible by vertical movement of the lifter modules.


Distribution of production spaces: the SMS line is more contained and compact in size than SMS45 line.


SMS45-SP pallet assembly line adopts a pallet recirculation system on two offset levels: in this case the movement of lifter modules occurs at 45°.


Pallet positioning height: for large dimensions of pallet and components, the SMS45-SP line is preferred as it allows more space in the pallet return.

The electrical system is offered with an electrical main board and I/O distribution towards the line or with an electrical main board and I/O distribution through remote data transmission systems in Profinet and AS-I networks.

Electrical elements of the line: central distribution and control boards, managing and control PLCs, safety systems, inverter motor control systems, local panels with remote I/O, control push-button panels, emergency push-button panels, and operating panels of dimension and variable capacity to manage, configure, command and diagnose the machine or automated system, auxiliary power supplies for tools or equipment.

Software elements: managing and control software, supervision and diagnostic software, communication software to factory systems, data transmission in Profinet and AS-I networks.

Pallet assembly line is supplied completed with pneumatic system to feed the conveyor line actuators and the equipment or tools along the line.

For the positioning and lifting of the pallet, we produce an indexing system to release the pallet from the line, allowing us to perform various operations such as screwing etc.

To complete the assembly line, we supply the services structure, to support various accessories useful for production (monitors, dispensers, air guns, ionizing guns, electro-tools, data-matrix readers etc…); it also supports the electrical and pneumatic supply lines.